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Byzantino Boutique Hotel
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Byzantino Boutique Hotel


Monemvasia, one of the most significant tourist destinations worldwide

The area of Monemvasia is one of the most popular Greek tourist destinations for a number of reasons. Firstly, the unique geography of the landscape. A rock, cut off from land after a big earthquake and ever since “wandering” the sea. On the rock, well hidden from land, lies an exceptionally well-preserved medieval castle, with numerous attractions and historical monuments. The rare chance to not only stay in a castle town which never seized to be inhabited, but also stay at modern dwellings with contemporary services and amenities, like Byzantino Boutique Hotel, is a sensational challenge to every traveler. The unique ambiance of the castle offers the visitor a journey back in time, a benchmark for his travelling experience. The fact that this fairytale castle setting is chosen in recent years by many new couples for an unforgettable wedding in Monemvasia is no coincidence. However, apart from the castle, the area offers numerous attractions worth exploring.

Ten reasons to visit Monemvasia

  • The port of Gerakas, the only fjord in Greece
  • The extraordinary Kastania Cave (3 million years old)
  • The Petrified Forest of Agios Nikolaos
  • The exotic Elafonisos
  • The famous local products, such as olive oil, wine, Vatika onions, fresh fish, honey and herbs
  • The exquisite local cuisine with its mouth-watering local dishes made of pure anf fresh ingredients
  • The many beautiful beaches of the area, which are excellent choices for a swim and water sports
  • Snorkeling in the two submerged cities, Pavlopetri (5,000 years old) and Plytra, as well as in many wreckages present in the area, from ancient times to today
  • Alternative sports, such as rock climbing at the well known climbing park of Zompolo and at other climbing areas in Kyparissi
  • The famous hiking routes in signposted nature trails throughout the municipality of Monemvasia

All of the above render Monemvasia something much more than a tourist summer destination. The surrounding area is a whole new other world, a warm and hospitable one though, which we invite you- and challenge you to meet.