As byzantine and authentic as the Castletown of Monemvasia itself, BYZANTINO is the hotel where the history, the architecture and the modern facilities meet the warm hospitality, the home made tastes and the quality services.

All year round fairy tale stay!

Great advantage… the unique hospitality of Monemvasia provided in every level. The service, the friendly interaction and the personal interest of its people, who are always eager to accommodate you and inform you on anything you need.

Special recommendation… the delicious handmade Greek Breakfast, made with select local products, based on traditional recipes, is prepared with the personal care and meticulousness of Mrs Anna and carries certification of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels. 

Invaluable experience… the stay at Byzantino Boutique Hotel which targets “seekers” of memorable experiences, incurable romantics, keen nature lovers, cosmopolitans and history enthusiasts, who dream of a journey into yesterday with today’s conveniences. 


Byzantino Boutique Hotel, located inside the castle of Monemvasia, gives you the opportunity to experience an unforgettable escape from your daily routine in the atmosphere and ambiance of a medieval castle, with modern amenities and conveniences. Our hotel consists of independent buildings with traditional rooms and apartments, fully renovated in the interior, with special regard and respect of their historical and architectural identity. Each room is made of stone and wood, offers tasteful classic antique furnishings, exquisite decoration and highly aesthetic paintings. They feature ceilings with wooden beams, a wooden floor, expensive fabrics, linen and carpets. Most of our rooms offer a magnificent balcony or window view of the castle and the sea, which gives the guest a sense of travelling. All rooms offer air-conditioning, TV, fridge and free Wi-Fi internet, while Exclusive Collection provides you with some extra conveniences, ensuring a remarkable stay. Byzantino Boutique Hotel offers double, triple, family rooms and suites for couples, families and friends who want to experience a unique holiday in Monemvasia.



  • BREAKFAST<span>award-winning</span>


    Enjoy our award-winning breakfast buffet at Café Byzantino, in the most central spot of the Castle with the marvelous view.

  • ACTIVITIES<span>interesting and creative</span>

    ACTIVITIESinteresting and creative

    Enrich your stay at the Castletown of Monemvasia by taking part in the interesting and creative activities available.

  • THE CASTLE <span>a unique walking</span>

    THE CASTLE a unique walking

    In recent years, guided tours of the castle of Monemvasia are available.

  • WINE HOUR<span>at Café Byzantino</span>

    WINE HOURat Café Byzantino

    In the afternoon you can relax sipping a glass of exquisite local wine of your choice at Café Byzantino. Free of charge for those staying in Exclusive Collection rooms or low-priced for the rest of our guests. (upon request)


Monemvasia is one of the most popular Greek destinations for a number of reasons. Firstly, the unique geomorphology of the landscape. A high rock, cut off from land after a big earthquake and ever since “wandering” the sea. At the top of the rock, well hidden and protected from land, lies an exceptionally well-preserved medieval castle, with numerous attractions and historical monuments. The rare chance to not only stay in a castle town which never seized to be inhabited, but also stay at modern dwellings with contemporary services and amenities, like Byzantino Boutique Hotel, is a sensational challenge to every traveler. The unique ambiance of the castle offers the visitor a journey back in time, a benchmark for his travelling experience.