Byzantino Boutique Hotel


Elefonisos is 37.5 Km from Byzantino Boutique Hotel and is famous for its credible beaches (Simos), which are visited by thousands of travelers from all over the world every year. Elafonisos became and island during the big earthquake of 372 AD, which cut off the rock of Monavasia from the land and completely changed the morphology of the area. Its name, most likely, comes from the hunt of red deer (CERVI) which had been abundant in the area since ancient times. Besides, this is the reason why subsequent Venetian maps of the 15th century call the island CERVI. Pausanias mentions that there used to be temples of goddess Artemis (Diana) in the area. The village opposite Elafonisos is called Viglafia, a name supposedly coming from the words “Watch” and “Deer”, as it was the place from where they used to watch the prey on the island when hunting. Elafonisos is 19 square meters, is only 570m. from Pouda coastline, and is a separate municipality. The ferry boat runs very frequently, especially in the summer, when it is a most popular choice.