Byzantino Boutique Hotel


Gerakas is a small settlement by the sea, touched by the Aegean, which is 22Km from Byzantino Boutique Hotel. It used to be an important naval base of the Byzantines, a hiding place of pirates, an anchorage for the ships of Hydra and Spetses during the siege of Monemvasia and its naval embargo by the Greeks in 1821.  The Venetians would hinder entrance to the port with a huge chain, in order to control the port, and that is why it was called Porto Cadena. Today, it is an enchanting landscape that you definitely have to visit; it resembles a lake as the sea deeply penetrates the land. The area is widely known for its fish taverns, which serve mouthwatering local specialties, such as the famous “garidopetoules” (a delicious traditional shrimp recipe).